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Live at The Royal

You haven't made it till your names on a chalk board!

Could 2015 prove to be the turning point? The year biographers of the Hummers point to in the distant future as the year they really took off? Unlikely, since middle age men are rarely "discovered" as rock stars no matter how many Angels covers they play, but 2015 definately shapes up as a pivotal year in the history of our heroes. 

It is well known that the constant preoccupation of The Hummers is, "when's the next gig?" but 2015 had 4 definate starters and probably up to 8 gigs from the get go. It all started on a balmy night in February at the Royal Hotel, Bondi. Not only did Jono speak fluent Thai to the waitress at the pre-gig bonding session (who knew?) but 

The Hummers sweated out 3 magical sets to the enthusiastic crowd, many dancing quietly to themselves whilst playing pool down the back of the room, and showed their increasing maturity as a band to cope with the Bass amp blowing up midway through the second set, the 5-string guitar being tuned to a different key than the rest of the group and the mandatory drunken old bloke dancing all night in front of the stage. As venue organizer David Jackson said, "You guys tick all the boxes" - ie free, can play until 11:45 and , to quote DJ again, "nobody plays this shit anymore"! Looking forward to being asked back.

Next was a garden party in the genteel surroundings of the upper North Shore. Headlining the bill, the Hummerrs played to a crowd enjoying the early autumn heat as the sun set slowly over...Turramurra. Whilst "Bellyup", the 3 piece who played the warm up, covered our heroes with their musical ability, the crowd were ready to Rock and Roll and those are 3 words the Hummers know well. They also know, please pay us, but rarely to get to use them. As always, the enthusiasm of the boys on stage (ie patio) infected the crowd and the dancing ensued - until 8 when the neighbours complained. Undaunted, The Hummers frocked up for David Rosen's 50th at the North Bondi SLSC, wowing a crowd who didn't really know what to expect from a gynaecologist, 2 stockbrokers, 2 CEO's and ...what does Jonno do again? Georgie Rosen's PG rendition of the crowd refrain in "Am I ever gonna see your face again" a highlight of a night filled with glitter, glam and great music.

Next was another 70th, this time for Jono's Dad Harold, a Breast Cancer Charity gig at the sumptuous North Ryde RSL, and another 50th Birthday bash, and we haven't reached June yet! Both gigs went spectacularly well, and then came the pinnacle of the Hummers short career- the Clovelly Juniors rugby Club Annual bash. And what a bash it was! Cloey looked a picture, the room was rocking and the Hummers were on fire pumping out two of their best sets ever to a highly appreciative audience of 180 revellers. Seems that practice does make perfect ...well better anyway. After a quiet winter, the Hummers returned to the scene of the crime at the rockin' Royal Hotel for a night of revelrey and with Mark Wilder firmly ensconced in the Bassman spot, the boys made everyone happy ..but mostly themselves! Bring on 2016

The Wildman joins the band

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