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Friends in high places!

Luke "Freddy" Coleman

Hum By Night


Date: Saturday June 15

Venue: Randwick Labour Club

Event: ROCK AID for the Telco Together Foundation

The electorate of Kingsford-Smith was the site of the second Telco Together Foundation charity gala and the local member, Minster for Education Peter Garret, lent his support to the event. Not only did the Australian rock legend  sign a guitar for the raffle, Garret opened the evening with a thank you to all those who gave their time and effort for the worthy causes supported by the Foundation. Depsite much lobbying by certain tall members of the Hummers (Richard having introduced himself to the Minister with the immortal words: "G'day shorty") and attempted emotional blackmail by John Stanton whose guitar seemed to be stuck on the opening chords of Oils classic 'Run by Night", political duites called and Garret had to leave after his speech wishing the gathered crowd a great evening of rock and roll.

 And hopefully that's what they got. First up where the Hummers boasting the full line-up for the first time in months. On a large stage in a large room and with various chidlren, friends and work colleagues parading on the dance floor in front, The Hummers added to their growing repertoire of rock and pop classics and received warm appreciation from the partisan crowd. The undoubted highlight of the evening was the reappearance, or perhaps that should be resurrection, of Queen great Freddy Mercury a.k.a Luke Coleman in full 80's regalia. Luke performed an amazing rendition of "Tie Your Mother Down" which brought huge smiles to the band and audience alike. Guest appearances by other telco industry collegues of lead gutarist and event organizer John Stanton, brought the first part of the evening to a close to great applause.

After the raffle and prizes were given out, it was the turn of The Hips to show what professional musicians can do with a great sound system and awesome venue. They showcased their talents honed on the rock circuit performing many of the songs made famous by Ol'55, from which some of their number hailed, and brought the curtain down on a great night in East Sydney.

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