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                                     "This is why we do what we do"

David Jackson, Bondi Rock legend, The Royal Hotel

Pure Joy! That is the best way of describing the atmosphere, the crowd, the feeling in the band and the room on Saturday May 26, 2018. With the Royal Hotel, the scene of many Hummers performances, set to be "Hemm-idified" at the end of the month, The Hummers played their last gig at a venue that had allowed them to play regularly and often to crowds of various sizes on hot summer evenings and cold winter nights.

Royal 26518

Royal 26518

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And the crowd went wild! From the first song of the first set, the dance floor was filled, the pool tables were rocking and the Hummers were on fire. Whilst the average age on stage was 25 years greater than that on the dance floor, it didn't seem to matter. Good music and copious amounts of alcohol are great levellers. The night ended too quickly as has our relationship with DJ, Ben, Hannah and the good folk on Bondi Rd - or so we thought. 

By popular demand The Hummers returned for a final Friday night 2 weeks later, and then headlined the bill on the final Final Friday of "The Final Curtain" - the last weekend at the Royal. Farewell to The Royal , and Thank You.

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