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Enter the Dragon

Finally it happened. The undoubted  magnificence of The Hummers was finally recognized with the (self) organized Hong Kong Tour of 2017. Who would have thought that a humble backyard gig under the flight path in 2012 would end 10 clicks down the road for The Hummers first full international tour. And what a tour it was. Despite the two JS's trying their hardest not to make it on successive nights with life-threatening cases of something, despite Jono leaving his drumsticks in the taxi on the way to The Wanch, despite not knowing what amps would be supplied, would anyone turn up and could Greg hear himself, the tour was spectacular. The Friday night crowd at The Wanch spilled out into the street and the set was extended an extra half hour by popular demand, whilst the postage stamp stage on Lamma Island brought this tight-knit group even closer, literally, together. 

Back in Sin City and part 2 of the Tour of the century played the ballroom at the Grand Hyatt Darling Harbour, followed by The Sofitel in central Sydney. Both for over 200 revellers, both a true indication that The Hummers were ready for bigger and better things. And so it was - a few gigs at the Royal, a couple of 21sts, a charity do at the Captain Cook Hotel Moore Park and a Rugby Social the year was capped off by a day spent recording their first demos at Studio 57 Taren Point - hear the finished product on the Home Page.  With three gigs already booked for 2018 things are looking promising for the lads.

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