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"Ce que je fait, ce soir la"

The Hummers. The best thing to come out of the Eastern Suburbs since the 6:15 to Central. A band that knows no boundaries...or harmonies. The Hummers are just 6 kooky kids looking to play someone else's music wherever and whenever they can. They don't write their own music because, let's face it, they aren't that good. They play covers with a capital L, for loud and they play them hard. Or soft. Whatever is required. They just want to play. 

The Hummers will play for you. They specialise in parties big or small and have played;

* End of season rugby bashes

* Medical Conferences for over 200 guests

* Backyard soirees

* Birthday parties - 40th-70th's

* Pubs and Clubs, they've played them all.
 They only need one thing - Alcohol, and lot's of it. The Hummers feel they sound much better to themselves if they have had something to drink and magnificent  if the audience has had more! 

The Hummers play Rock and Roll, Pop, and some Rock...and Roll. Rap is not an option, they have never been to the country and the only jazz they play is when one of the guitars goes out of tune.

So give us a call and make everyone happy. We will have a great time and we know you will too.

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